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A Perfect Research & Development Partner for Product Roadmap Management​

July 21, 2020

  • Software
  • HQ: London
Use case and Challenges
  • Finding suitable R&D Partner for Product Roadmap Management
  • Development of Mobile Extension
  • Ontime and Quality Release
  • Continuous Enhancements in Product using AI and Machine learning
  • Application Services (.NET, Java, Mobile (iOS and Android), AWS)
  • Digital Assurance (full spectrum of testing and quality assurance)
  • Research & Innovation (Machine learning and AI algorithms)
  • Successful set up of dedicated R&D Team for ongoing Research on Product enhancements
  • Successful Release of Mobile extension for iOS and Android
  • Enhancement in Auto- filing capability using Machine learning algorithm
  • Continuous on time and quality delivery
About Knowledgemill

 Knowledgemill ( is a unique software product which intelligently automates the storage of every email and document into one unified set of shareable workspaces. Knowledgemill email auto filer is based on machine learning algorithms, works seamlessly as a part of Microsoft Outlook (Office 365 or Exchange) and integrates with the document management system (DMS) of your choice or the native Knowledgemill DMS.

Knowledgemill is currently being used by multiple organisations across different Industries because of its unique filing capability which not only improves operational efficiency and reduces risk but also provides other benefits, including:

  • Significant time saving – reduced filing and searching time
  • Reduced risk – a complete set of client correspondence is stored centrally
  • Improved client service – always have the latest client correspondence available
  • Ease of adoption – no change in working practice as a simple extension to Outlook
  • Single source of truth
  • Mobile clients (iOS and Android) – allows you to file and retrieve emails and documents from anywhere
  • Full Audit trail
  • Seamless Integration with other systems of choice, e.g. SharePoint, OpenText,

In last couple of years, Knowledgemill has gained popularity beyond the UK and is now currently being used by organisations in the USA, Australia, Switzerland, and Portugal.

Search for an Innovative and Agile R&D Partner

 In 2015, based on the feedback received from the existing client base and prospects, Knowledgemill embarked on the journey of capability enhancements to make it smarter, faster and better. Knowledgemill had to improve the product capability in parallel to on-boarding clients and without compromising on support to its existing client base.

This led them to search for a Research & Development partner. “We were looking for an  R&D partner in the tech ecosystem. I have got a lot of experience dealing with offshore IT services organisations which typically work in a very rigid, engineering-based way. Our requirement was to partner with an organisation that actually does the intellectual thinking as well as following a high- quality development process. We were looking for a responsive organisation who could work with us as an extended team and who would understand our vision, shaping it into a reality. ADROSONIC demonstrated all those qualities from the beginning,” says Kevin Baker, MD, Knowledgemill Limited.

Knowledgemill Product Roadmap Management and Mobile client development

 ADROSONIC’s first challenge was to set up a dedicated, experienced team to transition Knowledgemill support and development. Very quickly ADROSONIC developed a firm understanding of the Knowledgemill architecture, code and successfully delivered enhancements from the product backlog using an agile delivery methodology.

There was also a need for a Mobile Client to allow users to auto-file and retrieve emails and documents from mobile devices.


ADROSONIC’s Mobile App team architected, designed and developed the mobile extensions for both iOS and Android with both of these extensions now available on the respective App Store for download.

“Over the last four years ADROSONIC have delivered multiple successful releases for us. The team is continuously delivering quality deliverables following an agile methodology,” says Kevin Baker, who adds “ADROSONIC’s expertise in agile delivery methodology supported with the ‘VersionOne’ management tool and combined with a strong Quality Assurance practice provides Knowledgemill with a transparent delivery status, thereby reducing the risk of using offshore resources; this ensures the quality of the end solution combined with value-for-money Tier 1 consultancy capability.”

A Consultant that understands the need of Innovation

 In June 2018, ADROSONIC invested in setting up its own Research & Innovation Unit which is focusing on four key areas (Robotic Process Automation, Mobile Plus, Machine Learning and Data Science), ADROSONIC’s Machine Learning / AI team is now working closely with Knowledgemill to move the Knowledgemill product closer to the vision of 100% auto filing.

Two different Teams – One Single Entity

 Kevin was also clear on how he wanted the team to work: “I don’t see Knowledgemill and ADROSONIC as two different organizations; what I see is one team. I see a group of individuals when combined together forms a single team. When I speak to individual members I don’t think of them as ADROSONIC or Knowledgemill, I think of them as members of a team with defined roles and responsibilities.”

A Partner who understands your problem

 During four years of working together, ADROSONIC and Knowledgemill have aligned their objectives and have developed a strong and extensive relationship. Kevin expresses that, “If you want to sell services effectively, you have to understand what the client’s problem really is? This may be obvious, but many organisation don’t do that; they try and sell their services (or product) rather than understand the business problem. ADROSONIC always wanted to understand our business problem first before looking for an intelligent way to solve it.”

Kevin adds that the benefits received when working with ADROSONIC are flexibility and  access to high intellectual capabilities. ADROSONIC has developed extensively over the past 5 years. With its Research and Innovation Unit now in place, it has provided a hub for Knowledgemill to experiment and develop innovative solutions.

“I see ADROSONIC as a long-term partner for Knowledgemill, providing innovative and intelligent solutions in a quickly changing technology industry.” Kevin concluded.



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