ADROSONIC-INSTANDA launch new partnership to rev up insurance sector's digital transformation​


ADROSONIC-INSTANDA launch new partnership to rev up insurance sector's digital transformation​

Mumbai HQ, January 7th, 2021:  In a significant development to accelerate the ongoing digital transformation in the insurance industry, digital consulting firm ADROSONIC has entered a partnership with INSTANDA, a UK-based SaaS Insurance software platform. Industry experts say that ADROSONIC’s insurance domain expertise and INSTANDA’s no code platform will empower insurers with the agility to price risk in ways that meet the client’s needs in a changing post-Covid-19 world.v


Delighted over the tie-up, Tim Hardcastle, the CEO & Founder of INSTANDA, said: “Partnerships play a key role in the insurance industry, not merely for the growth and expansion of the business involved, but also for the transformation of the industry. The new partnership with ADROSONIC is exciting as it provides capability to new markets in North America, India, Middle East as well as Europe.”

Mayank, CEO & MD, ADROSONIC, said that the tie-up would provide insurers with innovative digital product and customer propositions for new markets as well as  liberate insurers from inflexible legacy tech and from high-risk, high-cost and multi-year change programs.

“Given the paradigm shift that the market is undergoing, partnership models need to demonstrate not just agility and flexibility but to do so with high quality execution.  ADROSONIC and INSTANDA have an outstanding  track record of delivery so I am excited at what we can offer insurers to realise their ambitions and bring new ideas to market.” Hardcastle added.

“An unprecedented event like Covid-19 has left a sudden yet profound impact on the Insurance Industry and their IT Systems, as they are now subject to rigorous scrutiny following the rapid shifting of entire workplaces online that was forced due to the pandemic,” Mayank said.

“As the key decision-makers respond to the new market demands and opportunities, they are starting to question the limitations of their existing processes and legacy systems, they also had to reassess the cost base turning to a more cost-effective and agile platform which enables them to provide quicker and more responsive service to their customers and clients. In such a scenario, INSTANDA’s no code platform coupled with ADROSONIC’s domain expertise along with a wide range of digital accelerators including RPA, Data Analytics, & CRM are key in liberating insurers from inflexible legacy technologies.

These accelerators will power transformation across organisations looking at improving their ROI by dramatically reduced product launch times, underwriting and distribution costs and an unrivalled customer experience,” he concluded.

INSTANDA works with the leading carriers, MGA’s and brokers in UK, Europe, North America, LATAM,  Africa, Middle East and Australia. INSTANDA is the Insurance Industry’s first no-code business platform and allows insurers to break into new markets as well as overcome the drawbacks of legacy IT systems and embrace the benefits of digital transformation.


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