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Who we are and what we do?


At ADROSONIC, we genuinely care about people—our employees, our partners, our customers and our customers’ customers.We want to help people succeed. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to benefit from technology—even if they are not technology experts.


We seek to understand our customers and their challenges so that we can use our technology expertise to help them succeed. We help our team members grow into their best selves and strive to create an environment in which they thrive. This enables them to delight our customers.


We provide professional services to power digital transformation leveraging the world’s leading technologies. We focus on understanding your business—your challenges and your opportunities—so that we can deliver digital transformation together.

Our Commitment to You

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We care deeply about our team. Our team cares deeply about our customers. Beyond simply delivering technology, we are committed to understanding your business, so that we can deliver solutions that help your business succeed.
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We hire exceptional people and invest to develop their skills in order to ensure that we have the leading-edge expertise required to deliver exceptional solutions to customers. We partner with the world’s leading technology providers.
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We are committed to our customers’ success. We build world-class systems that meet industry-leading standards and invest in a culture that is focused on consistently delivering exceptional results.
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We invest heavily in R&D so that we are able to leverage the right technology to deliver the best solution for you.

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We minimize risk and maximize return on investment by delivering great business results at economical prices.


Meet our leadership team 

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CEO & Managing Director
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Chief Operating Officer
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Steve Jolley

Non-Executive Director
Leadership team-Sameer Arora

Sameer Arora

Director – Finance

Our Partners

We provide professional services to power digital transformation leveraging the world’s leading technologies and partners.