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Each Woman Has Own Set of Challenges, They Overcome Them in Own Unique Way - ADROSONIC

‘Gender Complementariness Will Create Equal Opportunities’

Mumbai HQ, March 11, 2021: Each woman has her own set of challenges, which she overcomes in her own unique way. Some keep strive to constantly better themselves and remain one step ahead of the challenges that the life throws at them, others work around conflicts and differences to move forward. Achieving a work-life balance, especially during Covid times, is of course a common challenge which they always strive for.

Digital consulting company, ADROSONIC, found The International Women’s Day a perfect occasion to ask an ensemble of successful women from across the globe: ‘What Inspires Me and Let Me Inspire Each One Of You’.  The virtual discussion on with the theme #ChoosetoChallenge had international speakers from various fields pondering on the idea of womanhood, leadership and gender equality.

Talking about the challenges which inspire her, Lata Gwalani, author, leadership Coach and an expert in emotional intelligence and psychology, said that she tries to keep her own achievement as a yardstick to better herself.

“Three factors that are very important for me in human interactions are recognise, respect and reassure. I like to recognise that there are differences between you and me and at the same time I would like to respect these differences,”

Dr. Anita Soni, Consultant Obstetrics and Gynaecology at Dr. LH Hiranandani Hospital in Mumbai said that her nature of work does not allow her to be bothered by external pressures. “My work is my worship and that is an extraordinary experience,” she said.

Being focussed on solution inspires Eimear Sugrue, the Head of Compliance & CRO at Remitly Europe, the most. “I always put myself in the shoes of customers while trying to find the delicate balance between business growth and ensuring compliances are maintained,” she said. Women should #ChoosetoChallenge the confidence gap and work on self-confidence to feel comfortable in any environment, she added.

Stephanie Garnica, Director Global Business Development, City and County of Denver, Colorado, US, said that it is very important to interact with people without any pre-bias. “I developed interest in international relations and economic development when I was studying international business in Nicaragua. There I did not speak the local language, I was not super familiar with the culture or the history of the country, but the community embraced me and welcomed me like I was a part of what was happening. They were extremely patient with me. There, I realized that we need to do a better job in our home country. We should not judge people if they cannot speak English,” she said.

Co-founder and COO at ADROSONIC, Ms Sonal said: “I feel woman should start loving themselves. Because sometimes we are so involved in other everyday battles that we fail to look after oneself.”

Opening the session and welcoming the guests, Mr Mayank, CEO & MD at ADROSONIC, said that Women’s Day must move beyond symbolism and has no meaning unless backed by concrete action. He also advocated for ‘gender complementariness’ rather than ‘gender competitiveness’ which, he said, would create equal opportunities.


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