Quality Engineering

Maximize ROI and customer impact with a comprehensive quality strategy coupled with exceptional execution. 

Quality is crucial for business success and growth

The quality of your software directly impacts customer experience, brand goodwill, and business outcomes. Too many organizations overlook quality until it’s too late, resulting in poor ROI on technology investments or, worse, dire consequences to the business due to failures.
ADROSONIC’s Quality Engineering (QE) services are tailored to meet the high standards expected by CXOs, ensuring that your software is not just functional, but exceptional.
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Increased Efficiency and Control

Manage risks more effectively, streamline workflow and improve efficiency

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Tailored Growth Path

We guide you from reactive quality measures to proactive quality optimization

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Maximize ROI

Deliver higher ROI and customer satisfaction on your development initiatives

Focus on results

Results matter. Examples of outcomes our clients have achieved include the following:

Saved person-days of manual effort within 1 year through use of automation and reusable assets
0 %

Delivered ROI on Quality Engineering services in one year
0 %

Achieved UAT effectiveness, minimizing post-deployment issues

Best-in-class Quality Maturity Model

We combined over a decade of experience building quality programs for customers with industry best practices including CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) and TMMI (Test Maturity Model Integration). The ADROSONIC Quality Maturity Model provides customers with a framework for improving their quality programmes in a systematic way in order to maximize ROI and customer satisfaction.

ADROSONIC Quality Maturity Model

    LEVEL 5:
  • Defects Prevention
  • Quality Control
  • Test Process Optimisation
  • Automated Defects Prevention
  • Continuous Improvement Feedback Loop
  • Expert Consultation Services
    LEVEL 4:
  • Key Metrics Measurement
  • Process Quality Evaluation
  • Advanced Reviews
  • Advanced Analytics for Test Metrics
  • Tailor-made Reporting Services
  • Integration with DevOps Tools
    LEVEL 3:
  • Testing Center of Excellence
  • Test Governance Structure
  • Test Lifecycle and Integration
  • Non-Functional Testing
  • Peer Reviews
  • Shift-Left & Shift-Right Approach
  • Modular Testing Framework
    LEVEL 2:
  • Test Strategy
  • Test Planning
  • Test Monitoring and Control
  • Test Design and Execution
  • Test Environment
  • Tools and Framework
    LEVEL 1:
  • Typically Piecemeal
  • Ad-hoc Testing
  • Often Reactive

Quality Engineering Services

ADROSONIC will develop a quality plan based on your capabilities and your needs. Services include:
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Comprehensive Quality Assurance

  • Adaptive Testing Methodologies: employing a mix of manual, automated and non-functional testing to ensure software reliability and performance. 
  • Risk-Based Testing: prioritizing testing based on potential risks for robust and secure software applications.
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Advanced Quality Engineering Techniques

  • DevOps Integration: incorporating quality checks into the continuous integration and delivery pipeline for efficiency and speed. 
  • Performance Engineering: guaranteeing that your software performs under varying conditions and loads. 
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Customized Quality Engineering Solutions for Unique Business Needs

  • Bespoke QE Service Design: tailoring our QE solutions to align with your specific business challenges and goals. 
  • Technology Agnostic Approach: utilizing a wide range of QE tools and technologies to deliver the most effective solution for your software environment. 
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Continuous Support

  • Seasoned Quality Engineers: a team of industry experts with extensive experience in top-tier Quality Engineering services. 
  • Ongoing QE Support and Adaptation: providing continuous support to adjust to changing software needs.

Our Clients

We work with a varied group of clients who have a wide range of needs and objectives. Because of our strong core and technological experience, we can understand these diverse goals and customise solutions, enabling you to drive efficiency and growth. 

Featured Insights

Leverage our robotic process automation services to ensure:


effort savings with automated data validation


accuracy in data validation through use of utilities


reduction in defects by adopting shift-left principles

Want to protect your IT investments with better quality?​

Consult our experienced team of quality engineering experts for continuous improvement strategies to maximize ROI.