ADROSONIC releases business continuity plan as India battles second wave of COVID-19


ADROSONIC releases business continuity plan as India battles second wave of COVID-19

Mumbai HQ, May 12th, 2021: ADROSONIC has released a comprehensive document highlighting the steps taken by the company to ensure business continuity as India battles the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic.

The digital consulting company – which caters to clients across multiple countries with offices in UK, US and India – informed that it has strengthened its backup resources since September last year for these unforeseen challenges. The company has already announced to bear 100% expenses of vaccination for all its associates and contractors, along with their families.

“We are grateful to our customers for their trust and faith in our delivery capabilities. ADROSONIC has been committed to continuously deliver its services throughout this tough period. We have been preparing ourselves since the beginning of the pandemic, so that we are well prepared to ensure there is no impact on our business continuity,” said Ms Sonal, COO at ADROSONIC, highlighting that during the present situation, a transparent communication is more critical than ever.

Work from Home 

Since March 17, 2020, all ADROSONIC associates are 100% working from home. The company’s investment in robust cloud applications and infrastructure enabled in ensuring continuous business delivery with zero disruption in its services.

Identification of Backup Resource

When the second wave hit Europe and other regions – the top management anticipated a similar situation in India anytime and hence since September 2020, they started investing in backup resource planning for key positions. The company said that they have now identified key backup resources in projects who can be deployed as and when necessary.

Free Vaccination for ADROFamily

ADROSONIC is committed for the safety of its employees, associates, contractors and their family. As Government of India opened the vaccination for 18+years from May 1, the company has announced to sponsor vaccination for 100% of its staffs, contractors and their family members.

Mental Wellness

In order to keep its workforce fresh and motivated, the company is constantly running engagement and awareness drives. They are regularly monitored and are kept reminded on precautions, nutrition and various ways to work on improving immunity.

A ray of Hope

We see other countries like the UK, Spain etc. slowly recovering from the second wave and things are getting back to normal. ADROSONIC is hopeful that with constant vaccine drive and self-precaution, India will soon start showing the recovery trend. Recent reports from Mumbai and Maharashtra give us a ray of hope as they suggest a dip in daily fresh cases.


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