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Robotic Process Automation

Imagine an infant trying to add 8, 8 times. Guess the probability of him getting it wrong at any given stage. Imagine the effort for the-end-result, imagine the monotony.
So, an adult comes up to him, teaches him a trick called multiplication and voila! He is a master of the art.
That’s what Robotic Process Automation does to the infancy in your company. A trick to subtract your efforts, subtract the probabilities of error and multiply your workforce to make you a master of your art.
So, let’s not toil in futility, lets bestow this duty to the bots. Save the money, save the resources, get unerring results with a minimum investment that skyrockets your ROI in the long run. Implement this today. Thank us later.
Did we forget to tell you about the ROI calculator? We not only provide the implementation, but also approximate the gains generated in the long run.
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Let’s take for instance, a human, capable of checking 1 OMR sheet for errors and it approximately takes him 7 minutes. Therefore, 20 OMR sheets shall set him back a good 140 minutes if not more. If 20 such people are implemented, they could work parallelly and might be able to finish the task in 7 minutes.
But, if you implement a single OMR software, it could process more than 70 Sheets an hour? Plus, they could work 24X7, without a break.
In this digital age, manual is not an option. Automate your testing environment for any and every web and mobile application. Save the expenses, Save your time. Sow your automation today, reap the benefits of tomorrow.


When you buy a pear, you can instantly evaluate its quality: the size and shape, ripeness, the absence of visible bruising. But only as you take the first bite, will you be able to see if the pear is really that good. Even an extremely good-looking pear might taste sour or have a worm in it.
Therein lies the façade of appearance and deception. In order to ensure the quality of the product delivered, ADROSONIC rigorously tests the quality and the execution of the same.
Covering the entire gamut including Manual, UAT, Regression, Automation, Performance and RPA testing, you can trust ADROSONIC to deliver your product without a hitch.

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