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Going from simple, back-office task automation to scaled automation to handle time-consuming business processes can be a challenge. 

Accelerate and scale the implementation of RPA and AI-based automation across the enterprise with product-agnostic, managed service model.

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Want to know how you can save 30% of your expenses and time by automating and reducing human error to perform high-value tasks?

A Force Multiplier for your Business

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End to end automation of processes

By reducing cost and human errors, and by increasing compliance and efficiency, RPA can help businesses achieve greater productivity optimization.

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High process completion processes

RPA provides opportunity for experimentation and flexible execution of processes which can be scaled up to realize maximum benefits.

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Improve Customer Experience

With RPA digitizing expensive and error-prone manual processes, it enables your business to offer better a customer experience.

ADROSONIC’s RPA Model of Solutions

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1. Analyse

At first, we identify and evaluate the processes which are feasible and has a scope for RPA implementation. This phase helps in understanding the needs and finding RPA solutions for the same.

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2. Design

After the RPA-able processes are identified, we design and document RPA-enabled “to-be” processes. In this stage, we design core of the RPA processes listing out all the technology requirements.

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3. Develop

After the RPA “to-be” process is designed, we create automation scripts and program bots based on that. As this phase is critical, we take into consideration all the best practices while developing the automation scripts.

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4. Test

During this stage, we perform thorough testing in various environments to study the performance with all possible test case scenarios. This phase enables us to find bugs and make the process future-ready for continuity and scalability.

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5. Deploy

After passing all the stages of testing, the final and refined version of the robot is then deployed to production. For better version control and easier project updates, we add the deployed code to the GIT Repository.

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6. Optimize

Once the RPA robots are deployed, our dedicated maintenance/support team keeps track of the performance and plays a vital role in stabilizing and optimizing the bots deployed to the production environment.

Use Cases

Challenges & Solutions

Robotic Process Automation, or RPA, is a technology which enables you to automate repetitive, mundane and time-consuming tasks and helps you dedicate your time on a job which requires cognitive skills. RPA makes it easier to build, deploy and maintain software robots which can emulate human actions interacting within digital systems and software. It performs the tasks for you, at a faster and consistent rate.

Yes. While RPA started as a way to perform common repetitive administrative process, but with the continuous advancement of AI technologies, it is no longer restricted to that. Now, bots also have the ability to automate tasks which require cognitive skills with variations without the need of any human intervention. Now RPA and AI can work together where the intelligent bots self-learn and perform more complex tasks.

ADROSONIC is well-versed with complete end-to-end RPA implementation for any level of complex processes. Our team possesses the ability to analyse, build, test, deploy, and maintain the automation processes. Our solutions help businesses scale their automation anytime. For your easier understanding, we created a cost calculator which will help you provide a wholesome view of adopting RPA in term of ROI. Read more about our RPA implementation strategy here.

Potential opportunities for automation can be found in any department of an organization – from the front office to the backend. Any day-to-day business process, which is repetitive and follow a common pattern, can be automated.

Yes, with intelligent automation, bots can take cognitive decisions. But the process will be highly dependent on what kind of intelligence is expected from the bot. RPA platforms are nowadays strongly moving towards incorporating AI assistance to make the bots more intelligent and reliable. By integrating traditional RPA techniques with AI, these intelligent bots can self-learn perform tasks requiring cognitive skills.

Yes, for building, deploying and handling bots, you would require buying a licence of UiPath. Please request a demo to understand more on the licenses.

After the automation process is developed and deployed to production, the bots will automatically be triggered and monitored through UiPath Orchestrator.

Alongside delivering the RPA projects, our team will provide documentation to handle and manage bots as per requirements. ADROSONIC will also provide constant support in case of any issues.

Request for a demo and our team will reach out to you within one business day.

With ADROSONIC, you can get any services related to RPA implementation. Whether you want to implement a new process for your business or reconfigure your current automation process. You can connect with us through request a demo for support.

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