Reimagining Application Development in Digital World

Developing GenNext Intuitive Applications using
existing and emerging technologies that connects and integrates with
existing software portfolio to meet specific business requirements

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Our Core Application Development Principles

Collaborate using DevOps platform and framework to Revolutionize what an application can accomplish
Integrate In-house Design Studio to continually enhance Customer Experience
Leverage on Agile embedded in the core of our DNA to drive efficiency across the development lifecycle

ADROSONIC GenNext App (AGA) Development model

Rapid development of GenNext apps, improves developer productivity and
reduces time to market
Based on an agile app development and deployment platform using
open and standard technologies

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AGA Development Service areas

Custom Application Development
Mobile Application Development
Rapid Business Prototyping

AGA Functional Components

AGA Design Studio

- Identify needs, research on users & environments (Personas, Ethnography, User stories, Heuristic Analysis)

- Develop Alternate Design (Conceptual and Hi-Fidelity)

- Build interactive versions of design for web and mobile applications

AGA Servers over AWS

- Setup a Dev server over AWS leveraging on our in-house Cloud advisory experts

- Convert application models to working code using templates

- Develop a working prototype to get an agreement on To-Be state of custom application applications

AGA Respository

- Reusable Assets for faster turnaround

- Knowledge base and experience to refer from

- Build and maintained using the latest technologies

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Team of Technology Specialists

Microsoft .NET
Designing Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Messaging and Integration
Emerging UI Technologies
Native and Hybrid Mobile Apps

We combine our experience in dealing with legacy issues with
deep technology expertise, architecture solutions capability and program management skills to
deliver a GenNext Solutions for your business

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Case Study

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